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Yahrzeit Leaf Order Form

Have a YAHRZEIT LEAF inscribed in memory of a loved one. 

Your hand-sewn leaf will have a permanent place on our lovingly crafted Yahrzeit Wall Hanging — a tapestry of four trees, each representing a different season, to memorialize loved ones who are no longer with us.

To honour someone who has died, you can purchase a leaf on which will be embroidered the name of the person and the date of her/his death according to both solar and Jewish (lunar) calendars.

The cost is $54 (three times chai) per leaf.

You may choose on which tree(s) you wish each leaf to be placed.  The idea is to choose the season in which the one being remembered has died.  However, you may have your parents on the same tree even if they passed away in different seasons.

Winter:  December, January, February
Spring:  March, April, May
Summer:  June, July, August
Fall:  September, October, November

You may also purchase a blank leaf now in order to reserve a spot for when that leaf becomes necessary, for example, if you wish to ensure both your parents are remembered on the same branch/tree.

Our intent is to also remember those who perished in the Holocaust.  To that end, we have leaves on the “ground” to symbolize loved ones who fell from the tree of life before their time.  You may buy a leaf to remember those you knew personally, those whom you never had a chance to know, or those who have no one left to remember them.

We will send the purchaser a yearly reminder of the upcoming Yahrzeit date(s) so you can honour your deceased love one(s) by lighting a Yahrzeit candle on the anniversary of their death.

Leaves ordered by August 31st are guaranteed to be completed in time for the High Holy Days in September. Orders received after that date may be completed by the High Holy Days depending on the volume of orders submitted after the deadline.

Yahrzeit Leaf Order 

Please choose the number of leaves you would like to purchase from the drop down menu below.
If you don't know the date of death in the (lunar) calendar, we can calculate it using the solar calendar date.
Reminder will be sent to email supplied in contact details above.

This donation will support all Danforth Jewish Circle programs
Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784